We are the one you've been looking for!  Our pet nanny services for cats, dogs and chickens are carried out by our owner and selective sitters whom are all trustworthy, dependable, kind, loving humans and will always put your furry or feathery family members as our top priority while in our care. 

We all have medical backgrounds, CPR certification, ability to administer medications/breathing treatments/ insulin injections/ Sub Q fluids, are bonded and insured, have reliable and safe transportation (vet transport/taxi services).  

Our goal is to reduce the stress and/or anxiety for pets that can occur when pet parents are away; alleviating concern and stress pet parents may experience when leaving their pets; maintaining proper exercise and health of the pets while in our care; keeping a similar schedule of meals, activities, exercise, etc.  We will keep you updated as often as you'd like with texts, pictures and videos (upon request) so that you don't miss out on all of the fun!  Overall, we aim to gain your trust caring for your furry or feathery baby! 

If you happen to not see a service listed that you're looking for, please drop us a quick note via email, on the contact form or by phone. 


* We are now offering backyard chicken (ranching) services that include how & what size to build a proper coop, basic chicken info on how to start your flock, what is needed & required to take care of chickens and almost anything else you may need assistance with concerning chickens.